WAN As-A-Service

WAN-As-A-Service (WAAS), a more precise term for network infrastructure on subscription basis, is the future way for businesses to implement their infrastructure in an IT world moving towards cloud and remote work.  Gone are the days when remote workers in remote offices and branches, and even homes, connect to your central head office via expensive, low bandwidth multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or IPSEC virtual private networks (IP-VPNs) to access the cloud. 

With more applications moving onto the cloud, remote workers, whether in the branch, outlets of home, need to access these applications directly with more efficiency, rather than going via your central head office, congesting the network in your head office. 

With the advent of Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (SD-WAN), the complexity of connecting to several applications in several locations at the same time is simplified. SD-WAN allows your remote users to access both applications in your head office or the cloud seamlessly.  SD-WAN with their GUI software interface, allows your IT personnel to easily configure multi network paths for your users to access these applications from their remote office.  

Paths can be defined based on type, speed and cost of network communications available. By engaging a Manage Service Provider to manage your SD-WAN allows you to subscribe to your communications needs as a on demand service too. 

MSP will play a more important role to implement a WAN As-A-Service for an enterprise, providing the network as service, on a subscriptions basis rather than as a capital investment.  WAAS MSP provides flexibility and speed when business expands rapidly or there is sudden surge in demand and at the same time provides Service Level Assurance on the network performance and uptime.