How SD-WAN aid remote working challenges

COVID-19 has left an impact on how companies run their daily operations and some are even making work from home (WFH) or a hybrid version of it, as their permanent work routine. So how are businesses coping with the network complexities and risks involved where their remote workers need to access to their cloud-hosted applications while maintaining the security and network infrastructure?

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) uses software applications to help businesses create complex hybrid networks combining private and public networks to interconnect and route traffic through different types of communication lines to and from their branches and offices to various destination. For example, enterprises have been using SD-WANs to connect their branches to their headquarters.

This feature allows SD-WAN to optimise your network and provides your team the ability to work remotely with no lags and more securely. The benefits of SD-WAN are evidently needed during these uncertain times, especially for businesses who are ongoing with the digital transformation.

SD-WAN is a strategic investment for businesses who are looking to support remote working and secure access to cloud services and applications. With the post-COVID world likely to implement remote working, it is a vital to future-proof your company.