Hybrid Network

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What is a Hybrid Network

EKTECH hybrid network provides the flexibility of choosing multiple types of communications methods from different providers. You have a choice of Fixed-Lines or Wireless, 4G/LTE or Microwave, ADSL or Fibre, Internet or Private MPLS. The EKTECH network interconnects all the major telcos to allow you to route your network traffic through different operators seamlessly from any location.

Why Hybrid Network Is Better


Have the option to choose the best service provider in your location, don’t let your business be held hostage by a single provider. Be able to interconnect between all the providers.


Choose the right-technology for your operational requirements. Don’t be restricted in your choice. Hybrid network allows to you to mix fixed-lines & wireless, public or private.


Be able to connect to any of your applications anywhere, be able to interconnect between all the providers.


By using a network that is multi-provider and multi-technologies with multi-paths, the chance of a disruption is greatly reduced

Do not let your operations be disrupted ever again.
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Our Hybrid Enterprise Network Connects



Mobile Branches / Vehicles

Mobile Kiosks

Kiosks / Outlets

Self-Service Kiosks / ATMs / CDMs

Mobile Agents

IoT Devices / Sensors

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