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Access Control Solution

Provide security access control in and out of premises

Access Card

Physical key cards to scan or tap for entrance access.


For quick and reliable ID verification to allow fingerprint or facial recognition for access.

Long Range RFID

Drive through convenience without having to stop your car for Barrier Access.

Audio / Video Intercom / PABX System

2 way communications between the Guard Post or Lobby Entrance and Residential Units or Office.

PABX System

Internal keyphone system for inter department and inter floor communication.

Intercom System

Internal Voice or Video Communication for Commercial and Residential Building

Burglar Alarm System

Installing a burglar alarm at your property to deter any break-in before it happens.

Mobile App

The alarm system can be controlled and monitored remotely via a mobile app.

CCTV Surveillance

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of high resolution video cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal via network cable to a Network Video Recorder for storage and monitoring.

Video Monitoring System

Large Scale Centralised CCTV Monitoring over 3,000 cameras.

AI Technology

AI enabled CCTV technology involving deep learning algorithm for people and vehicle tracking.


Fibre To The Home (FFTH) is the installation and use of optical fibre cable from a central point (MDF) to any individual buildings to provide high-speed internet access.

Fibre-Optic Network

The latest technology of broadband that can reach the fastest speeds today.

Perimeter intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) are systems used in an external environment to detect the presence of an intruder attempting to breach a perimeter.

Fibre Cable Sensor

A sensor that uses optical fibre as the sensing element and relay the signals if there is any slight detection.

Electric Fence

A barrier that is designed to allow an electric pulse to pass through it. Deterring intruders trying to climb over the fencing.

Radar System
Radar System

An electromagnetic system used to detect and determine the location of object over a long distance.

Public Address System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system installed in commercial buildings to make emergency and general announcements, as well as playing music for leisure.

PA System

Commonly used in the commercial and industrial buildings where multiple paging zones are necessary.

Safe City & Smart City

A smart city is a kind of municipal Internet of Things (IoT) – a network off cameras and sensors that can see, hear and even smell. These sensors can generate massive amount of data that can serve many civic purposes like helping traffic to flow smoothly to security surveilance.

Cellular 4G/LTE/5G

Reliable high-speed broadband communication supporting various voice calls and video streaming applications.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Provides a wireless infrastructure to connect multiple devices at the same time.

SMART Bulletin

SMART Street Bulletin signage providing up to date information on traffic condition and helpful information to road users.

Facial Recognition

Street surveillance CCTV using state of the art AI facial recognition detection algorithm to monitor large crowd.


Satellite Master Antenna Television refers to a system that transmit multiple satellite signal, broadcast signal, video signals, audio signals and decoder signals through a single integrated cable and distribute to all the dedicated indoor units.

High Definition TV

To receive Digital Analog and Radio Signal on a single wall socket.

Smart Homes

A smart home system is an interconnected network that allows you to remotely control devices within your property through an internet connection.

Mobile App

To monitor and control home electrical appliance via a single mobile app platform.

Touch Screen Panel

User friendly touch screen monitor to control SMART Home appliances.

Smart Locks

A smart lock transforms a traditional lock into a keyless entry door lock for your home.

Mobile App

To lock and unlock doors and to allow password setting remotely.

Panic Alarm System

EKTECH - panic button
Wireless Panic Button

Alarm signal is wirelessly transmitted to centralised monitoring system.

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