Managed SD-WAN

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What is SD-WAN

Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network (SD-WAN) allows businesses to define and combine low cost public internet with high cost dedicated private network to achieve optimum returns. Enterprises can define and prioritise traffic based on importance of application to use the most cost effective route to achieve best returns. Managed SD-WAN now allows enterprises to connect securely directly from your branches and outlets to the cloud for cloud applications whilst still connected to the central servers for core applications.

What is EKTECH Managed SD-WAN

EKTECH Managed SD-WAN solution allows enterprises to interconnect their complex network environment from their branches/outlets/offices/kiosks to on-premise or cloud host servers seamlessly and transparently. Our EKTECH Managed SD-WAN solution manages the complexities of multiple applications residing in various locations whether on the cloud or in your own data centres and the multiple routing required to ensure the application communicates with the right host. Our Managed SD-WAN Services will manage this transparently for you and ensure your crucial communication network is up to run your businesses.

EKTECH has been implementing SD-WAN networks for enterprises for over 13 years and has a team of very experienced network engineers to design and configure complex wide-area-networks.

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Why Managed SD-WAN?

EKTECH IT Network Service Provider Save Time And Money

Higher Speed

at Lower Cost

Combine high speed broadband with your expensive low speed MPLS connections

EKTECH IT Network Service Provider Achieve Cloud Scalability

Scale Up To The Cloud

Connect your branch directly to the cloud whilst still connected to your central servers.

EKTECH IT Network Service Provider Connected Productive

Secured and Managed

Your application data is secured and routing is intelligently controlled to use the most optimal route to its destination host.

Our Key Products

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Fortigate 40F
Meraki MX67

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