Cellular Booster

In-Building Cellular Connectivity. Amplified.

What is Cellular Booster

Cellular booster solutions repeats and boost cellular signals into buildings where signals are poor, with blackspots and intermittent coverage. Our solutions can maximise your in-building coverage and improve signal by amplifying the signal and providing coverage for blackspots, giving better user experience for both voice and data.

Extend Your Network Coverage

Our solution helps ensures premises have internal mobile coverage for all telco providers. We can help analyse your building to produce a heatmap to improve coverage so that your residents, workers, customers and guests have a good experience in your building.

EKTECH Reliable Cellular Signals WiFi Wireless Internet

Reliable Cellular Signals

EKTECH Enhancing Data Transmission

Enhancing Data Transmission

Boosting Cellular Signal

EKTECH Consistent Seamless Communication

Consistent Seamless Communication

Our Signal Repeater

Simple yet effective solution to maintain continuous communication in your premises

WilsonPro 5100-4G Signal Repeater
  • For cellular-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Amplify signals to improve coverage no matter what is your cellular carrier.
  • Comfortably handles multiple simultaneous connection across multiple carriers.
  • Providing effortless voice and data communications for all users.
  • Improve voices and data signals in buildings.

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