2 EKTECH Network Operation Centres, Double The Support

While most IT solution companies have one network operation centre, at EKTECH, we have two – which means double the support that we can provide to your business.

For the uninitiated, a network operations centre (NOC) is a centralised location where our company and our technical staff can provide 24-hour supervision in monitoring and managing your company’s services, databases, external services, firewalls and network. Our NOC is your first line of defence against any attacks or disruptions that you might experience with your telecommunication networks.

A NOC is designed with two major considerations in mind: scalability and redundancy. Scalability refers the capacity to handle the number of user connections to the NOC at any one time, while redundancy means the ability to have multiple copies of critical data stored across different locations. For example, if a user loses their connection to the NOC, another copy of the same information could still be accessed from a backup device.

Therefore, having two NOCs is the optimal situation that your business could have.

The reason being in the case of an outage, EKTECH has another NOC to provide geographic redundancy so that your business continuity will not be affected.

It also means that we are more than capable of meeting our clients’ needs, including real-time monitoring, analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, configuration, security information and event management, capacity planning, security auditing, and other functions that are required for managing networks in large organisations.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to experience all the benefits our NOCs can provide to your business!