How AI Video Analytics Benefits Your Organisation

It goes without saying that video surveillance is essential to an organisation’s security, but with the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in contemporary video surveillance technology, organisations can experience a whole new level of security. However, business leaders must exercise caution while choosing an AI solution to protect their place of business as the current physical security industry is rife with video surveillance tools and applications – how do you know which one is the right one for your business?

First, let’s understand what AI video analytics entails. AI video analytics utilises computer software programs to analyse audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to identify humans, vehicles, objects, attributes, and events. They function using machine vision, which is a series of algorithms or mathematical procedures that work like a flowchart or questionnaire. For example, surveillance AI is usually programmed to send an alert when it detects anomalies, and to identify whether something is an anomaly, the AI will compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands of stored reference images of humans in different postures, angles, positions and movements or learnt behavioral patterns stored in its knowledge base.

If this sounds overwhelming, fret not, we will be listing out how you can use AI technologies in video surveillance such as face recognition, object detection, and intrusion detection to benefit your organisation:

Reduces Human Error & Lack of Manpower

Just like how robots are used to make up for manpower in production lines, using AI in video surveillance makes it easier to monitor and maintain video surveillance systems, particularly when you have a lot of cameras. It can be a hassle to look through data from many cameras at the same time, not to mention that people are prone to fatigue, which inevitably results in a decline in productivity and response time and increases the possibility of human error.

Enables Real-Time Threat Detection

AI video analytics is also capable of detecting and reporting anomalies within a fraction of a second, making it a proactive security system. Previously, when break-ins happen, we would only find out about it by reviewing the surveillance footage. Now, with AI video analytics, threat detection can be done in real time, as the AI will be able to detect anomalies and send out alerts.

Enhances Intrusion Detection

Aside from improved accuracy in intrusion detection by eliminating potential human errors or false positives caused by traditional motion sensor cameras, AI video analytics can identify specific humans and objects, which drastically reduces the possibility of false positives. If an intrusion is detected, the AI can be programmed to send essential visuals and metadata to the security unit so that they can take prompt action. It can also be configured with access management tools to lock certain parts of the premises when an intrusion is detected.

Aids Consumer Behaviour Analytics

For those in retail, AI video analytics can help you obtain valuable consumer insights. For example, you can use in-store traffic analytics to identify areas where your customers spend the most time in, and subsequently, optimise those areas for product placement. AI video analytics can also generate heatmaps for foot traffic, which makes it easier to identify peak hours, so you can increase the number of employees during those times to minimise waiting times or queues – thus enhancing the customer experience.

Alternatively, the collected data could also give you insight to your store’s most vulnerable spots where shoplifting cases might occur, so that you can improve the security there. 

Enables Quick Data Extraction

Should there be a need to review your video surveillance footage, doing it manually can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. With AI video analytics, users can search for a specific action or object in all the footage and extract insightful data much faster.

In conclusion, there are many benefits in using AI video analytics as part of your security infrastructure. Not only can it help you to keep your business premises safe by preventing loss caused due to external threats such as shoplifting and intrusion, but AI video analytics can also be programmed to do more than just surveillance, to create a truly intelligent and proactive system.

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