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3 Reasons Why SMEs Need SD-WAN

SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). Before there was SD-WAN, there was WAN (wide-area network) – a traditional model that functions to connect

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EKTECH Video Analytics
Smart Solutions

The Evolution of Video Analytics

Video Analytics, also known as Video Content Analysis (VCA) , in Surveillance,  has been around for many years ever since the introduction of Digital CCTVs in

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Hybrid Network

3 Important Benefits of Hybrid Network

A hybrid network solution combines different types of data communication services such as Cellular Wireless Network’s 4G, Fixed-Lines MPLS or Broad Lines, Private or Internet

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Managed Services

WAN As-A-Service

WAN-As-A-Service (WAAS), a more precise term for network infrastructure on subscription basis, is the future way for businesses to implement their infrastructure in an IT

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