The Must-Haves For Your Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home uses internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of various home appliances and systems. This is to create a convenient home setup using mobile or any other network devices to control functions like lighting, appliances, security alarm systems, home access and more. Homeowners and developers today are often looking to adapt smart home system to their current homes or new home projects.

There is no doubt that smart home technology provides homeowners security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices via an app or other networked devices. As part of internet of things (IoT), smart home systems can be operated together as a hub or individually based on different preferences. In this modern world, technology has been aimed to make our life easier and now, with a touch of a button on our mobile – we are able to remotely control our home appliances even when we are not home. Here is the list of the must-haves for your new smart home.

Smart Lighting

If you are just about to convert your current home to a smart home, lighting is the entry level to begin your smart home journey. Many smart lighting systems are in the current market now without the need to set up a central hub. The simplest way to get your smart home of the ground is to plug in a smart bulb into a socket and you can remotely control your lights  via Bluetooth or WiFi or  through your mobile phone.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers or voice assistant speakers allow you to control your smart home appliances by voice control. The most common virtual assistants are Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant and they all allow you to link your smart appliances to the speaker. What is more convenient than by saying out loud “dim the lights” and having the smart speaker doing it for you.

Smart Locks

Home developers today are in a midst of transiting to provide smart locks for all new housing projects. A smart lock is a WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that allow homeowners to lock or unlock doors with the tap of a finger. This function provides new convenience for vacation homeowners to allow their guests a seamless “self check-in” process. 

Smart Home Security

Keeping your home safe and secure should be worth investing in. Smart home security is a system that includes CCTV, two-way communication intercoms, motion sensors, smart notifications, remote monitoring and smart doorbells. The system  makes it easier to monitor your home from anywhere and to alert you if there are any abnormal activities. If you are not ready for the whole system, there are wide range of individual smart home security devices available that still provide you the remote monitoring and security.