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Understanding Managed Services & Why You Need It

To understand what managed services are means breaking it down into two words: “managed” and “services”. Therefore, managed services refer to IT services provided by a third-party to operate an organization’s IT Operations. These services may include everything from providing and managing hardware such as desktops servers, routers and switches, to managing software such as applications, operating systems and firewalls, and managing network infrastructure.  There are various reasons why your organisation should outsource the management of their operations to third-party providers. Managed services enable organisations to: Improve efficiency and reliability of IT operations Some businesses lack the resources and skills to handle an entire operations. Compared to getting your in-house IT staff to dedicate extra time to learning the ropes and overburdening them with additional tasks, it is much more efficient and reliable to work with a third-party IT provider who already know what to do. They won’t be replacing your in-house IT staff, but they help to enhance your capabilities and free up your in-house team to focus on other strategic priorities. Ensure the network has the latest technologies and equipment Collaborating with a managed service provider also means that you get to enjoy the benefits of their technologies

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