Unleashed Communications

Secured Wireless

Our secured wireless solutions allows customers with sensitive data to connect securely to their remote sites via public or private network. With the establishment of end-to-end encrypted VPN tunnels, either through the internet or private network, customer can be ensure their data is secured during communication.

Dual-Sim High Availability Solution

With our dual-sim multi-telco solution, we are able to provide high uptime for our wireless 4G/Lte communications with a guaranteed SLA of 99.5% or 99.8%. The solution will auto-switch between the 2 cellular network to provide the best performance.

Hybrid Communications

Our hybrid solution allows enterprises to provide highly reliable connectivity to their remote sites, branches, outlets, kiosks etc via 2 medium, fixed and wireless. Automatic failover when one medium fails. Eliminated the over reliant on single medium.

Wireless Hotspot Management

Our cloud-based wireless 4G/LTE hotspot solution allows for quick deployment of wifi hotspot to any site, anywhere, anytime. No reliance on availability of fixed-lines infrastructure. With our cloud-based hotspot management system, deployment of the solution is very fast, allowing customer to set up, register and controlling user logins the moment the account is setup.

CCTV Central Monitoring System

Our unique CCTV central monitoring system that allows our clients to monitor the status of their CCTV installation in a building and/or in a remote site or branch. Our CCTV CMS systems is the one and only system in the world that monitors the CCTV status of remote locations, sending alerts via low bandwidth network to HQ command and control. The solution allows security managers to know the condition of his cctv thus ensuring the system is fully operational as well as allowing the customer to remotely view his surveillance videos and recordings. The system is widely used by Financial Institutions such as banks to monitor their branches and off-premise ATMs.