How EKTECH Helped To Solve O’Briens Network Connectivity

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café, a popular international lifestyle chain café from Ireland known for their healthy wholesome meals. Operating in Malaysia since 2002, the cafe chain currently has 20 outlets in Malaysia but is now on a rapid expansion plan.  Due to their aggressive plan, they ran into a number of issues getting broadband connection for their outlets.

When O’Briens applied for internet broadband service from the usual service providers, the response they received was unsatisfactory: Fiber broadband infrastructure was not available and it would take months to get a network line connection. No alternate solution was provided by their service provider, which means that their outlets had to operate in offline mode for several months.

EKTECH’s Solution

The owner of O’Briens, Mr. Brian Pua, approached EKTECH for help, having discovered that EKTECH provides reliable independent managed network connectivity services for enterprises. EKTECH managed to solve Mr. Pua’s problem immediately by providing a wireless solution to overcome the “No infra” problem.  EKTECH as an independent service provider was able to provide any telco provider with the best coverage.   Not only did EKTECH solve the connectivity issue, but they also provided a dual-line multi-telco solution, to provide additional backup and hence stable connections for their new outlets.

A wireless cellular router provides connectivity to the internet using a wireless module embedded in the router and via a SIM card it connects to an assigned cellular service provider. With a dual-sim router, 2 cellular service from 2 different operators can be provided by router thus giving reliable backup service to one another. This allows EKTECH ‘s Managed Services to offer and provide high SLA, almost guaranteeing 100% internet connection uptime.

According to Mr. Pua, “I genuinely thought that nothing can be done for our outlets, but EKTECH managed to deliver what others could not. Through their Managed Services and as an Independent Service Provider they were able to make sure our new outlets has the broadband connection when we open our new stores.  With their multi-telco network connection, they were able to provide our outlets with stable network connection so that we were able to operate seamlessly from day one, which also meant they helped to put our expansion plans back on track.”

Mr. Pua continued, “Not only are their services fast, but the network connection they provided is reliable. EKTECH now handles all our telecommunication needs as our independent service aggregator, not only as a single point of contact for our network needs and issues but also for our billing. We do not have to deal with multiple bills from different telcos. It also makes it easier for us, as it removes the guesswork from deciding which telco should we engage to optimise our network connection, every time we open a new outlet. This is because EKTECH’s network team will review each site and provide the best available  connectivity and shields us from the headache of dealing with multiple telcos and deciding who can do a decent job.”

Now, O’Briens can rest assured that for every new outlet they open, they will have a reliable network connection. This ensures that all their systems, such as Point-of-Sales, loyalty program, payment as well as HR Time Attendance, can go online and start operations right away on opening day.

This is just one of the many network solutions that EKTECH’s  Managed Services can provide for your company. If you want to transform your business, improve productivity and start generating more sales in 2023, get in touch with EKTECH to find out more about how our products and services can help your company!