EKTECH Provides Wireless Technology to Mobile Banks

EKTECH recently helped a major Malaysian bank to provide mobile banking services to their rural customers in Sarawak. Due to the pandemic lockdown, their customers find it hard to go to their banks or ATMs to do their banking transactions. As a solution, the bank has decided to bring the services to their customers directly by making the services mobile. In order to achieve this, ATMs are placed on a moving truck that brings the services to the customers overcoming the travel restrictions. The feedback of this solution has been widely praised and accepted by their customers.

EKTECH helped made this possible by providing the mobile wireless connectivity to the vehicle. We deployed our dual-sim multi-telco hybrid wireless service that ensures constant connectivity for the mobile bank throughout its journey. Our team actively and remotely monitors and manages the wireless service, 24×7, to ensure there is no network disruption that ultimately will affect their customers’ experience.

EKTECH has been providing wireless 4G connectivity solutions to Banks and Financial Institutions for over 12 years enabling the banks to roll out new services from anywhere without being restricted by physical branches.