EKTECH Helps Fast Food Chain Improves Internet Connectivity

Using just one internet connection is not very prudent, and if you are running a fast-moving business, it can be downright risky. This is because if your sole internet connection goes down, your business operations will come to a halt as well.

Combining multiple internet connections to increase overall speed is a smart way to get more from your internet. Not only does it boost your connection and guarantee the best speeds, using the bandwidth of two or more connections at once also helps to prevent slowdowns or interruptions in service.

This is a case study of how one of our clients successfully managed to aggregate internet connections to boost overall speed.

In 2022, a popular global fast food franchise approached EKTECH for help. They were having problems with their network connectivity due to their infrastructure, which led to unstable and unreliable connections.

The network’s instability caused constant drop-offs, which impacted their outlets’ operations negatively in the form of a domino effect. It started with the outlets’ point-of-sales systems being unable to connect to the cloud, which prevented them from processing sales data and retrieving inventory information in real-time. As a result, customers were unable to use their e-wallets and credit/debit cards, as well as swipe their loyalty cards to collect points or redeem rewards, which leads to customer dissatisfaction, turning away potential sales. Last, but not least, dissatisfied customers will choose not to return to the store in the future, which made the fast food franchise owners unhappy as they were actively losing business.

The EKTECH Solution

EKTECH helped the global fast food franchise solve their connectivity issues by implementing a dual-line multi-telco solution that provides network redundancy. Network redundancy is a communications pathway that has additional links to connect all nodes as backup in case one link goes down, which guarantees the outlets nearly 100% internet connection uptime and stable network connectivity. It is a solution that EKTECH, a specialised independent service aggregator with multi-telco network capabilities, was able to provide.

The dual-line multi-telco solution installed by EKTECH has led to a clear increase in sales for the affected outlets as they are able to process customers and sales quickly without problems, data are transmitted seamlessly and with the accurate real-time info, decision making by the central office is correct and fast. The global fast food franchise was so pleased that they proceeded to engage EKTECH to implement this solution for the rest of their outlets nationwide.

This is just one of the many network solutions that EKTECH can provide for your company. Now that you know what EKTECH can do, get in touch with us to find out more about how our products and services can help your company.

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