EKTECH Assists Oil & Gas Companies With IoT Smart Gas Meter Reading

The demand for energy is growing every day, which makes oil and gas companies essential to the operations of industries, buildings, residences, and vehicles. However, this gives rise to a new concern, which is: How can oil and gas companies collect readings from different places more efficiently?

That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in. IoT provides oil and gas companies with a variety of solutions ranging from real-time updates on gas infrastructure conditions to detect abnormalities to improving overall maintenance efficiency and asset lifespan.

In 2018, EKTECH assisted an oil and gas company in improving their business processes using IoT. The company’s business model is providing piped-in gas to power chillers for air-conditioners in office building in Kuala Lumpur. Building owners are then charged for their gas consumption, which is based on readings from their gas meters that are in the maintenance room.

However, these maintenance rooms are usually located in the basement of the buildings, which create a challenge for the oil and gas company to collect the gas meter readings as the buildings’ infrastructure makes it difficult for internet cabling. Without the proper cables, there is no internet coverage, so readings cannot be collected remotely by the oil and gas company, which means that they needed to send someone over physically to collect the readings every time.

The EKTECH’s Solution

EKTECH overcomes this by improvising a wireless solution for the oil and gas company. By using 4G network, we easily addressed the issue of cable installation and helped the company to save cost, as wireless networks are easier and cheaper to install.

As some of the location of the maintenance rooms are in the basement, the cellular signal is poor, EKTECH extended the antenna to improve the 4G coverage thus allowing the IoT solution to work.

Thanks to EKTECH,  the IoT Smart Gas Meter was able to be implemented.  The oil and gas company does not need to send someone over every time to collect gas meter readings. Our solution also helped to improve the accuracy of the data collection and enable our client to control the gas meter valve remotely, thereby saving them cost, time, and human error.

This is just one of the many IoT network solutions that EKTECH can provide for your company. Now that you know what EKTECH can do, get in touch with us to find out more about how our products and services can help your company.