EKTECH Communications Helps Popular Convenience Store Roll Out Food Vending Machines

The standalone Vending Machine being used during off-hours at the petrol kiosks

Vending technology has grown and evolved throughout the years to provide not only convenience to consumers to purchase items out-of-store, but it gives retailers the opportunity to reach more customers with a smaller foot print.  Not only does it provide convenience and reach for both consumer and retailers but it gives immediate feedback on consumer purchases and choices. The need for real-time data has become a priority for retailers to stay ahead of the competition.  Real-time data allows for better planning and marketing by giving retailers info on trends and inventory level, allowing just-in-time stocking.  With wireless 4G VPN connectivity, it gives retailers the speed, flexibility, bandwidth and security to roll out their vending machine anywhere.

EKTECH’s multi-telco managed wireless technology for vending machine connectivity gives retailers a very reliable and resilient network so that they can concentrate on their core business without worry of network disruption especially with a single provider network. 

Amit Router
EKTECH’s dual-sim Amit Router inside the vending machine

Our flexible solutions can be adapted and tailored to any business size and industry. With the possibilities for vending machines to be placed at outdoor environments where fixed lines are not available and stability of a connectivity is at risk, EKTECH’s vending machine connectivity uses a dual-sim multi-telco network allowing us to ensure a very high network uptime for the connection to the retailers’ central HQ servers.

Recently we assisted a major convenience store operator to roll out their vending machine by using our wireless technology for connectivity. The retailer launched their first standalone fresh food vending machine in September at a petrol station along a highway, offering popular fresh Japanese food. Our easy and fast wireless network installation helped our client to seamlessly integrate and execute this new service on time.

Our vending machine connectivity allows retailers to monitor the sales and stock level in real-time ensuring freshness of the food items.  On top of that, the connectivity also enables cashless online payments which is essential during this time. In addition, with our Managed Service, our team ensures that the vending machines remain connected at all times, so that it will not disrupt customers’ purchasing experience. As part of the retailers’ outsourced network team, aside from providing connectivity to their standalone vending machines, EKTECH also manages the connectivity for their retail branches.